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DC TV: DC Multiversity Remix Challenge
Graphic created by dungeonmarm
sign-ups on ao3 | rules | deadlines | faq | pinch hitter sign-ups | contact a mod

We're also:

Description: Have you ever read a story and wondered: What an amazing story! But what if…? Well here's your chance to take a crack at that what if. This is an anonymous remix challenge for Arrow, Constantine, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, Supergirl, and Vixen.

We've gotten some great feedback from other members of the fandom, so I'd like to announce that DC Multiversity: Remix is now open to all fan creations. Do you vid? Do you prefer to podfic? Are you a traditional fan artist? You're all welcome. :D

Our signups are open now, and they will close on June 4, 2016, so you have a few weeks to think about participating. The collection will be on Archive of Our Own, and we do have invite codes available for anyone who doesn't already have an account.

I know this community is a little quiet, but if any of you are interested, please sign up, because I know I would love to see more creators involved! The more creators there are, the more fun this is going to be. :D

Thanks to the the mods for permission to promote our challenge. ♥
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